Eagle Moose Lake
Property Owners Association
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A full list of the current EMLPO executive comittee, mailing address, email and links to our social media accounts are below.
EMLPO Role Name Phone Number Email Address
Financial Laurel McCauley 705-754-1658 laurelmc@sympatico.ca
Communications Michelle Tatham 905-889-5244 mtatham@bell.net
Program Coordinator Mary Jowett 705-754-2946 mjow3@yahoo.ca
Program Coordinator Armin Weber 416-419-7507 armweber@gmail.com
Website Wayne Lavery 647-242-6849 wlavery@patientnews.com
Mailing Address
Eagle Moose Lake Property Owners Association (EMLPO)
1048 Elk Drive, Eagle Lake, 0N, K0M 1M0
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